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Contributing to the Community

What We Aim For

Prelook Daily is the publication of Prelook, offering career tips and tricks to help job seekers land a job. Both our in-house and contributing writers strive to engage and encourage our audience through interesting guides that will be beneficial to our viewers.

Interested to be a Contributing Writer?

Prelook Daily's Contributing writers are all carefully selected by our community engagement team based on their passion, engagement, and talent. Whether you are an experienced writer or just getting ready to kick off your portfolio, there is always room for you at Prelook.

Why Write for Prelook

We want your voice to be heard. We have a wide variety of creative content from our writers and we make sure that they are targeted to the right audience. We partnered up with multiple online publishers including university newspapers. Writers will also get opportunities to meet and interview industry professionals as well as representatives from different companies.


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